Why Goldencense


Goldencense was developed by Dr. Jack Mustard, a practicing Chiropractor, Pain Management Specialist, and Performance Therapist in Texas after using Blends of CBD and Natural Substances like Frankincense and Eucalyptus that enhances the effects of both the botanical oils and the CBD. This synergy science is used in almost all Advanced Body Food Products.

Dr. Jack set a plan into action along with a practicing Pharmacist to develop blends of Botanicals and natural substances that enhance and focus the effects of CBD (Synergy Adaptogenic Science). Dr. Jack has a passion for seeing people feel better, have less pain, and express life at an optimal level. The Goldencense Brand encompasses Dr. Jack’s experience of treating 25,000 plus people over a 15-year period reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

After seeing patients in pain, suffering, and on medications that caused side effects, Dr. Jack set a plan in to action to develop blends of CBD’s that could alleviate pain, inflammation, and also reduce stress. Dr. Jack’s passion in practice was to prevent surgery and pain in his patients but also improve athletes on a performance level. This dynamic background and approach set the stage for the development of Advanced Body Foods Goldencense Blends and Brands.